AMARNA, episode 2

Davide Mana
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The second episode in the bold new pulp adventure serial!

October 1932: A young woman is found wandering, dazed and naked, in the Valley of the Kings. The only word she speaks before fainting is “Amarna.”

January 1934: “Mademoiselle Amarna” is living like a virtual prisoner in a suite in the best hotel of Cairo, courtesy of an unnamed “friend”. Without memory, without friends, Amarna decides to take her fate in her hands, and find out what is this all about. She finds an unlikely ally in Valerie Cazaret, a globetrotting French adventuress, and enrolls the services of American soldier of fortune Tenn Ford as muscle. A couple of British tourists, the Throckmortons, are accidentally involved in Amarna’s escape, and sort of tag along. But what secret lays in Amarna’s past?

Searching for answers to the many mysteries surrounding Amarna leads the heroes to more danger and more enemies.
And whatever the answers may be, they seem to be found in the ancient city of the Heretic Pharaoh...


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AMARNA, episode 2

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