Star Eagles - Van Maanen's Star

Davide Mana
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War rages in space between the forces of humanity and its allies of ConStar, and the ruthless, mysterious S'Sakai.

Fleets engage in fiery battle among the stars, but when the going gets rough, ConStar hires rogue spacers and privateers to take care of special missions.

People like Tam and Lol, owners of the Carl Sagan.

Their mission in the system of Van Maanen's Small is going to be easy: get in, lift a team of ConStar spec-ops, and get out.

But the S'Sekai are in the same star system, and what was a simple taxi job turns into a game of cat and mouse.

Van Maanen's Star is a novelette set in the universe of the Star Eagles miniature game published by Ganesha Games.
The file includes mobi, epub and PDF versions of the ebook.

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Star Eagles - Van Maanen's Star

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